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Namia G. Vance ~ Founder/Executive Director

New York native Namia G. Vance is a Multifaceted Business Professional Dedicated to Community Outreach and Entrepreneurship with over 20 Years of Experience Supporting Small Businesses, Non-Profits, Health Care Administration and State Government.


Ms. Vance has been privy to hiring practices that enabled her to intuitively predict characterization and processing of candidates prior to formal introductions. She has decided to use her expertise as an HR professional, to prepare and train subsequent generations of young adults entering the workforce; preparing them in professional and personal development.  


SUITABLE ATTIRE was born out of the need to enrich the lives of young people and teach them the tools necessary for career path success. For personal and career development: being 'Suitable' and 'Appropriate" is imperative to not only compete in today’s vigorous workforce, but daily living as well.


Namia began her career in a South Bronx community center in the heart of the Andrew Jackson housing development.  The center was populated by youngsters from impoverished and under-educated homes. Employment opportunities were few. She understood then, as she does now, the importance of mentorship, community involvement and opportunities to learn and grow in a supportive and dedicated environment. Her vision is to consistently foster an atmosphere that has a positive impact on youth. She plans to offer programs focused on enhancing self-confidence, manners, communication, leadership skills and social responsibility. 


Ms. Vance's instructional style is straight forward, focused and compassionate. She speaks the language of her audience and understands the dynamics and challenges of urban living. Through uniquely designed classes, individual attention and her personal commitment to excellence, she has the formula that will stimulate the building of confidence and character in today's youth. Partnering with parents and committed community leaders, Namia's goal is to support them through the productivity projects of the youth she serves.  The combined efforts will guarantee this generation’s positive contribution to their communities.

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